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The church treasurer performs the following functions:

  1. Collections

    1. Count collections with the assistance of at least one other person at the time and place that the collection is taken;

    2. Deposit collections in the bank;

  2. Bookkeeping

    1. Keep the financial records of the church;

    2. Use an appropriate tool for doing this. It is recommended that the treasurer be familiar enough with operating a computer to use the Quickbooks software that the church has used for decades in order to maintain the financial database, and so the outgoing treasurer can train the new treasurer in its usage;

    3. Mail out giving records to givers annually;

  3. Train incoming treasurer;

  4. Provide the tools necessary for the Governing Council, in its November meeting, to prepare a church budget for the coming year; if the Governing Council does not employ a Finance Committee to work with the treasurer in preparing for this meeting, then the treasurer, in consultation with others as necessary, will prepare a draft budget for that meeting;

  5. Publish and distribute copies of the church budget for the coming year to the congregation at it's annual congregational meeting of December;

  6. Be authorized and appointed to write checks and pay the expenses of the budgeted church operation;

    7. In the event that a volunteer is unavailable to fill the treasurer's position, that a

    bookkeeper or bookkeeping service be employed to handle the bookkeeping;

    8. Invoices for over $100 must be okayed for payment by the responsible party.

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