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Simple Gifts Art Sessions Kick Off in Grand Style!

Simple Gifts: 3rd Tuesdays every month, 4-5:15pm

In November we began getting together some folks for art activities, and the interest grew.  With the new year we are beginning a new thing: Simple Gifts: a time for the kids (children and youth)  to roll up their sleeves and take on some kind of art project.  We will have a variety of things to do, so that there will be something for everybody.  Jesse Ashby and MaryAnn and Andy Gay have been doing some brainstorming on this, and others have joined in various supportive roles, with snacks, supervision, etc.

This week - Tuesday, January 20 - we kicked Simple Gifts off with three concurrent activies: Lillian Cowan taught a session on making silly putty!  Remember that stuff!  Jesse Ashby had a table for designing miniature art easels, and MaryAnn Gay was in charge of a game table where they played a game with a geometric design on paper.  In addition, Andy Gay worked with acrylic paint.  It was a blast, and we had about 9 kids present for the fun.  We opened and closed with group prayer. 

We invite any children and youth to come and be a part of Simple Gifts, but parents and guardians need to contact MaryAnn Gay for the release forms and permissions.  You can contact us at the church phone, leaving a message, and we will get back in touch with you.



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