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New Summer Adult Sunday School Series Begins Sunday, June 1

This summer our adult Sunday School will continue using the uniform lesson series, The Present Word, for the 'round the table study.  "Uniform Lessons" simply means that these studies are taught around the world as a common set of themes based on a common set of focus scriptures from the Bible.  Sometimes we follow this pattern.  Sometimes we do other things.

This summer's curriculum is divided into three sections.  The first part is entitled "Hope and Confidence Come from God", and it is a study of the book of Haggai.  The next section goes to the New Testament and the focuses on the apostle Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.  It is entitled "Living as a Community of Believers".  The last unit, "Bearing One Another's Burdens" is a study of II Corinthians.

Our Sunday Schools begin at 10am each Sunday.  The adults meet around the table (a bunch of tables!) in the fellowship hall, which is where you are when you come in the main door from the parking lot.  We have a place for you.  We'll have the coffee on.

Oh, by the way, our team of teachers are good at allowing people to express their views with a welcoming spirit.  So, when we say everybody is welcome, we mean not just by being here, but also by being welcome to say what is on your mind and heart!

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