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Pastor-parish Relations Committee

Pastor—Parish Relations Committee

Chairperson elected at the annual Charge Conference.

Recording Secretary elected by the committee at the first meeting of the year.


The Pastor-parish Relations Committee is a United Methodist entity, and is a requirement of a local church. When the pastor is a United Methodist, the committee is the liaison between the congregation and the cabinet of the annual conference charged with making yearly appointments. This function does not apply when the pastor is Presbyterian, except when a pastoral change is anticipated. In that case, the cabinet, through the district superintendent, should be informed of the need of a United Methodist appointment in the coming year, since the church normally alternates between Presbyterian and United Methodist pastors. This would normally be communicate at the annual Charge Conference, but possibly at a later time prior to the next pastoral appointment cycle.


This committee shall meet at least annually to provide a setting wherein the pastor and the church can review the state and nature of the congregation's mission and ascertain how the pastor's gifts and priorities of leadership match the needs and focus of the congregation's mission. On this basis:

  • the committee makes a recommendation to the congregation at the annual Congregational meeting, held in December of each year regarding the relationship between the pastor and the congregation for the coming calendar year;

  • the committee and pastor review the current pastor job description and make any changes to reflect changes in the current mission and needs of the church. The job description should be included in the report to the congregation in December.

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