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Guatemala Pig Project

The second of our major mission seasons here at the Fellowship Church is the Guatemala Pig Project.  We are dedicating the month of May to this mission, which has grown out of our presbytery's long-standing partnership with the Presbytery of the Peten in northern Guatemala.  You will be hearing more about this mission in the next few weeks.  We will be having one of our mission team people coming to tell us how this project has come to be. 

Below is a report on the Guatemala Pig Project and its development in our mission partnership. 

The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee
and the Presbytery of the Q’quechi Peten (Guatemala)
Presbyterian Women and Presbyterial Women Pig Project

In February 2014, five women from the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee (PMT) had the opportunity to have in-depth conversation and sharing with five women who are wives of Pastors of the Peten Q’quechi Presbytery.  At this meeting, the Guatemalan women stated a strong desire to have a project that brings their churches together and earns money for their families, churches, communities, and presbytery.  The women designed a project of raising pigs in each of  the communities – a project similar in scope to a Heifer International project.  This project will be organized by their Presbyterian Women groups.

It is the hope of the Guatemala committee that Presbyterian Women groups in MT will want to partner with Presbyterial (the name for PW in Guatemala) to provide seed money to purchase young pigs, food, fencing, etc. and to underwrite transportation costs for these women so they may meet together as the Presbyterial and to oversee this project.  Over the 11 years that PMT has been in partnership with the PQP, the committee has noticed a steady increase of women providing leadership for their churches.  The ongoing Pastoral Theological training that PMT is helping to support now includes two women who are interested in being pastors.  The Guatemala committee feels that supporting this Pig Project will be an important next step in supporting women in this developing country.  Furthermore, it is our hope that a few representatives from PW in Middle Tennessee will be interested in traveling to Guatemala to help develop, oversee, and bring back information about this project.

In summary:

  • The 11 year covenant partnership between PMT and PQP took an important step in 2014 with inclusion of the Guatemalan women in the active planning for their churches.
  • The women of the PQP have crafted a Pig Project to support their churches and presbytery.
  • The women are in need of ‘seed money’ to get this project off the ground.
  • The Guatemala committee is soliciting PW groups in Middle Tennessee to partner with Presbyterial groups in Guatemala and to donate monies for this project.
  • Monies donated will go directly to the Q’qechi Peten Presbyterial and will provide money for young pigs, food, fencing, and transportation costs
  • Checks can be made out to the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, forwarded to Pat Webb, with Guatemala pigs in the memo line.
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