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Greens of November

"It is so nice what yall are doing with this turnip green patch.  Turnip greens are one of my favorite things."  This is what I heard from the people picking turnip greens at the patch when I went by the church day before yesterday.  If our patch has a picked-over look to it, that's because it has been picked over by people who have helped themselves, as we are inviting them to do on our church sign.  I told the lady with a sack full of greens this was just the beginning of what we are hoping to do next spring with our community garden. 

Turnips greens have a rich history in the South because they grow right on up into the winter, keeping their green and growing off on those Indian summer days of fall right on to the point where the mercury dips below 20 degrees or so.  Greens, whether they be turnips, poke, or collards, have seen southerners through hard times and good, offering some of the most nutritious and easily grown food to be had.  But most important of all, they are a blessing of God, and a way for our church to tell the people of Cowan "We love you and God loves you!" 

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