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Photos from Stone Door Outing


Here are some shots along the Stone Door trail taken by our crew on the April hike.

$1,077 for Heifer Project International

This year Ed Brock coordinated our push for the mission of Heifer Project International.  Our offering is largely the result of the people

Good Samaritan Food Bank Offerings for Sunday May 6

For our first Sunday rice offering we collected 24 bags or boxes of rice.  We will report the tally of soup after our regular soup offering May 13.  In addition to the rice offering we contributed some large containers of apple juice, sugar, as well as containers of oil left over from Saturday's fish fry.  All this totalled, besides the rice, totally

$340 to Healthy Women Healthy Families International

This is the money we collected for the Healthy Women Healthy Families Mother's Day cards.  These gifts will support health education, disease prevention and care for women and children in the African countries of Malawi, Congo, Ethiopia, and South Su

April 22 Worship Podcast

Stone Door Hike Next Sunday

We're switching the hike we had originally planned next Sunday on the Shake Rag Trail in Sewanee.  We're going to the Stone Door overlooking Savage Gulf instead.  We're making this switch due to the fact that all the blooming plants have come early this year, and, although the Lord blessed Shake Rag Hollow with a beautiful display of flowers this spring, they have, for the most part, come and gone. 

Cowan Fellowship Cares!

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering: $1,052! This is the money we received in last week's Easter mission offering!

Katye Brock On Media Tour to New York City!

It's official...media tour...New York!! Katye will be on the "TODAY" show on April 20!!

Great Sendoff for Concluding 1 Corinthians Bible Study Thursday Night

Sherwood Ebey's class ended this week with a closing session that dealt with, among other things, how churches share their love with one another through their mission. It was fitting that our own group represented several of the churches in our area – not just members of the Fellowship Church. These people expressed their gratitude for making this study available to them, which just goes to show the special joy we enjoy when we open our life as a congregation to others.

Great Time in Chattanooga Last Sunday

After chowing down on tacos at the church our crew headed out for Chattanooga.  It was a fantastic, picture-perfect spring afternoon with lots of people out to enjoy the day.

Chattanooga Outing Next Sunday

After we've had lunch at church next Sunday we'll be going to downtown Chattanooga. We will walk across the Walnut Street Bridge and explore a little of the Northside community and, on the downtown side, walk around the Aquarium area and the walking paths along the river. We'll pick a place to eat out for supper before returning.

Ed's and Andy's Whole Church Lunch

Next Sunday after church Ed Brock and Andy Gay will have a lunch for anybody who would like to stay and eat. All the folks going to Chattanooga for the Sunday outing will eat and run to get on down the road.

Debbie Douglas to be Installed as Pastor at First United Church in Belvidere

You are invited to celebrate Debbie Douglas' call to ministry in Belvidere on Sunday, March 18 at 3pm.  At that time she will be installed.

Dr. Timothy Downs will preach.  The church is located at 4099 Owl Hollow Road in Belvidere.  There will be fish fry at 5:30 hosted by the Men's Brotherhood.  Donations will be accepted and used for mission projects.

New Audio Recording Capabilities

The Governing Council approved the purchase of a digital audio recording devise that will make it easy to create audio CDs and podcasts of:

89 Cans of Soup!

Last Sunday our kids and kid's helpers brought forward to the altar 89 cans and packs of soup for the Good Samaritan Ministry of Franklin County.  This, of course, translates into 89 meals for people who might otherwise not have a meal, or have something far less nourishing that the soup which you have provided for them by God's grace.


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