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Cowan Community Thanksgiving Service November 23 at Goshen Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The Community Thanksgiving Service in Cowan has been going on for as long time.  Taking place on the Sunday evening prior to Thanksgiving Day, this worship service is a wonderful time for people across the Cowan community to join together to show their gratitude for God's providence.  This year we will worship at the Goshen Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where we recently had our Brush Arbor celebration.   We start at 6pm.  

Greens of November

"It is so nice what yall are doing with this turnip green patch.  Turnip greens are one of my favorite things."  This is what I heard from the

Community Thursday Night Bible Study Coming Up

Invitation to Join a Bible Study

Fitting the Pastor to the Mission

We have a thing called a Pastor Parish Relations Committee.  This is a standing committee in United Methodist churches that functions to deal with matters concerning the relationship of pastor and staff with congregations, what in United Methodist parlance are called "charges".  Bishops and District Superintendents depend on these committees to monitor the health of the relationship between appointed ministers and the congregations they are serving.  In a healthy congregation this group serves as a forum for

Every Church is a New Church

In the 21st Century there is no such thing as a church that is so established, so rock solid, that it can rest on its traditions as old ways of doing things and remain alive.  Jesus expects us to go into the world and make disciples, which puts the ball into our court to trust that God will both provide and bless in changing times. 

It's a Start!

Our community garden is starting off with a couple of raised beds where we will plant vegatables that can (weather permitting) go into the fall and winter.  The team will decide exactly what to plant, but items could include things like cabbage, turnip or mustard greens, field peas (purple hull, crowder, etc.)

We're Going to Lake Winnie Thursday, July 24!

You are invited to join us as we carry our packed lunches and head off to Lake Winnepesaukah on Thursday, July 24.  You'll hear more about it (departure time, costs, etc.) as we get closer to the date.

Fellowship Lunch after Church Next Sunday, July 6!

Adam and Zoe Cowan are preparing a meal for lunch after church on the first Sunday in July.  And a treat it is going to be!  So make your plans to come to church prepared to eat lunch here.  Invite your friends.  If you are reading this on the web, consider yourself invited too! 

A Community Garden

The idea of some kind of community garden is one that grew out of different ideas we were posting in the Adult Sunday School class as one of those things that might help us connect and reconnect with our community.  I started talking to people about the idea.  Some of them in the church.  Some in the community.  Last month the Governing Council gave its formal stamp of approval to the idea of exploring this mission with a view of receiving a recommendation that we can go with.  Just this morning, I met someb

Heifer Project Offering Complete

We are delighted to report that the final offering total for this year's Heifer Project mission comes to:


Church Pool Party! Sunday June 22 1pm

You are invited to a church pool party.  It will be at the home of Raymond and Becky Council.  If you need any information about how to get there, or other stuff, call the church at 967-7195 and we will get back with you, or text Andy Gay at 931-308-2341 or

Youth Sunday School working through "Checklist for Life for Teens"

Our youth class is working through the Checklist for Life book, led by our teaching team of Lori Smith and Anne Lorenz.  This class gives our youth an opportunity to


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