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Mission of the Cowan Fellowship Church

Tennessee Antiquarian Book Fair

The Tennessee Antiquarian Book Fair will arrive on Saturday at 10:00 am and go until 5:00 pm.  On Sunday, it will be from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.  We have in store many great booksellers from all over the US as well as one from Montreal, Canada!  There will be everything from Children's books, Fiction, Sci Fi, History, Non-fiction, Religious and much, much more. We will have speakers for children's authors, book collecting, black history, Civil war on Saturday.  John McCardell, Jr. (Vice chancellor for Sewanee) will speak on Sunday about the South in post civil war times.

59 Cans Soup for May!

The second Sunday of the month is Soup Sunday here at the Cowan Fellowship Church.  We brought up 59 cans of soup, 1 6-pack of Ramen and a bag of rice to add to our May rice offering tally.

All this food is given to the food pantry of the Good Samaritan Center of Franklin County,


$1,077 for Heifer Project International

This year Ed Brock coordinated our push for the mission of Heifer Project International.  Our offering is largely the result of the people

$340 to Healthy Women Healthy Families International

This is the money we collected for the Healthy Women Healthy Families Mother's Day cards.  These gifts will support health education, disease prevention and care for women and children in the African countries of Malawi, Congo, Ethiopia, and South Su

Cowan Fellowship Cares!

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering: $1,052! This is the money we received in last week's Easter mission offering!

89 Cans of Soup!

Last Sunday our kids and kid's helpers brought forward to the altar 89 cans and packs of soup for the Good Samaritan Ministry of Franklin County.  This, of course, translates into 89 meals for people who might otherwise not have a meal, or have something far less nourishing that the soup which you have provided for them by God's grace.

My "Laws of Life" Essay

When I was at school during the summer before third grade, I met a four year old girl who forever changed my life.  She had a brain defect which will permanently restrict her from controlled movement, speech, and comprehension.  Although she never spoke more than a "coo", she said more to me than anyone throughout my entire life.

36 Bags of Rice for Good Samaritan Ministry

For March we gathered and dedicated 36 bags and boxes of rice for the Good Samaritan Ministry of Franklin County.

Help to the Hungry in February

Charles Smith and Andy Gay Visit Decherd United Methodist Church Wednesday Night Youth Gathering

The Decherd United Methodist Church once had a youth group of about 10.  A while back they began a Wednesday night ministry in which they fed a meal to youth, and the word got out among kids around town to the point that, now, they have around 50 elementary-, middle- and high school kids every Wednesday.  Charlie Smith and Andy Gay, at the invitation of the pastor, Kevin Marston, whom Andy has met through the weekly lectionary gathering in Winchester, paid a visit to the Decherd ministry.

Next Sunday: Rice Sunday for Good Samaritan Ministry

Bring bags or boxes of rice to church next Sunday.  We set our food offerings in the aisle to present to the Lord in our ministry to help feed the hungry of Franklin County.

79 Items Taken to the Good Samaritan Food Bank This December

MaryAnn Kirven reports that we offered to God 79 items in our two December collections for helping the hungry of Franklin County through the Good Samaritan ministry.  This month our offerings consisted of flour and cans of soup - two items that are in demand at this time.

151 Cans (and Packs) of Soup!

This past Sunday (November 13) was "Can of Soup" Sunday.  We collected 151 cans of soup that people brought to worship for dedication and as part of our offering to the Lord.

All this food will be added to the inventories of the Good Samaritan Ministry of Franklin County to feed hungry people. 


One Great Hour of Sharing Gift


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