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Mission of the Cowan Fellowship Church

Every Church is a New Church

In the 21st Century there is no such thing as a church that is so established, so rock solid, that it can rest on its traditions as old ways of doing things and remain alive.  Jesus expects us to go into the world and make disciples, which puts the ball into our court to trust that God will both provide and bless in changing times. 

It's a Start!

Our community garden is starting off with a couple of raised beds where we will plant vegatables that can (weather permitting) go into the fall and winter.  The team will decide exactly what to plant, but items could include things like cabbage, turnip or mustard greens, field peas (purple hull, crowder, etc.)

A Community Garden

The idea of some kind of community garden is one that grew out of different ideas we were posting in the Adult Sunday School class as one of those things that might help us connect and reconnect with our community.  I started talking to people about the idea.  Some of them in the church.  Some in the community.  Last month the Governing Council gave its formal stamp of approval to the idea of exploring this mission with a view of receiving a recommendation that we can go with.  Just this morning, I met someb

Heifer Project Offering Complete

We are delighted to report that the final offering total for this year's Heifer Project mission comes to:


Yard Sale, Saturday, June 7 Starting at 7am

The Cowan Fellowship Church Women will be putting on a yard sale, Saturday, June 7, starting at 7am.  If the weather is good, everything will be set up in the parking lot on the east side of the church.  In case of rain, we will have everything inside the fellowship hall.


Implementing our Mission

2014 Commitments to Implement our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Annual Heifer Project Fish Fry Saturday March 15

Illustration of a cartoon black fish with a transparent background.We'll start serving up the fish dinners at 5:30 and keep serving until 7.  And it's

Mission Map 2014

The Governing Council, meeting Monday, January 13, set our church's mission calendar for 2014.  The Council is making it a clear policy that each mission has its own designated time, so that we don't have any overlaps.  This should help us focus our energies and attentions on our seasonal missions without any confusion.


Here is the schedule:

30 Hour Famine Update

New Craig Brock Foundation Food Pantry Opening

We are pleased to announce that the Craig Brock Foundation, located on Cumberland Ave-

New Cowan Fellowship Encourgement Hotline! 361-1292

We are happy to announce that we have started a new ministry to our community here in Cowan: an Encouragement Hotline. Just dial

The "Code" and What We Can Do to Protect our Children

Violence against children happens everywhere, in every country and across all social groups. The Code was specifically created to be a child protection tool used by the industry to combat the commercial . . exploitation (CSEC) of children in the context of travel and tourism activities.
from thecode.org


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