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We are delighted to have Barb and Kathy with us this Sunday, May 17, to give us a first hand account of the vision of the Guatemala Pig Project.  Barb was a team leader for the Guatemala mission in which three of us participated a couple of years ago from this church: Lauren Brock, Ian Skotte, and myself.  Kathy was also a part of the crew and is currently moderator of our presbytery's Outreach Committee.  It was a real joy to spend that week in Guatemala with Barb, Kathy and the rest of the team as we made our way all over the Presbytery of the Quetchi-Peten, bumping along in our van, singing songs, planning, adjusting schedules, and being with the people of the churches in this poorest part of Guatemala.


The Guatemala Pig Project is the May mission of this church.  To celebrate the vision of the women in Guatemala who were inspired for this mission, we are having a covered-dish dinner right after the worship service with pork BBQ, so be sure to stick around for the food!  And just because we call it a covered-dish dinner, you need not have brought anything.  We have publicized it on our church sign, and should have enough to eat for whoever shows up!

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