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Getting home - maybe: Day 8

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The hotel we stayed in was pretty bad. Those of us on the ground floor were entertained in the early hours of the morning by a shouting match between two rival gangs. This is one of those places where you probably do not want to use the bed except to wrap yourself in your own sheet. I was pretty sick all night, so there wasn't much sleep anyway.

I was on the first crew to be taken to the airport, and cued up last in line to get my boarding pass for my reserved seat. Surprise: my reservation had been dropped! So the rest of the early crew flew on out, and I spent most of the day in the Guatemala City airport for my 1:15 pm flight to Houston. I bought a couple of Louis L'amour books to read on my Kindle. Needed to zone out on something. Then 7:30pm flight to Nashville. MaryAnn picked me upin Nashville at 9pm, and we were back in home sweet home Cowan by 11pm. I called in when I got to Houston to have people fill in for me Sunday morning - decided to take Sunday off.

Paula, Tami, Ian and Lauren missed their Nashville connection in Dallas because of slow lines at customs. They are spending the night in Dallas, catching a flight Sunday.

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