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Flores and Tikal: Day 7

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Flores is a tourist town on an island in the lake called "Itza Peten." This is where we drove last night - to a NICE hotel. Like showers that have half a chance of warm water. At this point we didn´t care about such minor details. What matters is air conditioning that works; clean space; the patio looking out on the lake. No bed bugs. Good beds. Internet access and desktop computers in the lobby that helped me make short work of finishing the Guatemala-side entries of this diary! Sandra and Barb have gone back to work from the lobby, tending to their homeside businesses by phone and over the net.

Ian and Lauren went bananas shopping when we got here last night. The night comes alive in this town. Sherard booked a guide and tour van to take our people to the Tikal park and Mayan ruin last night, and that is what most of us did today. I had a pretty bad night last night with this chest cold and decided to hang close to the hotel with Fred, Sandra and Barb instead of the ruins. It has been a good day for relaxing as well as touring. Our crew just got back from the Tikal trip a few minutes ago (it's 3:49pm) and had a great time, even though the restaurant closed that they had hoped to eat lunch at. They came in hungry - I was afraid they might start gnawing on the lobby plants. They've gone down the street to rectify that situation. Those of us who stayed here had a nice lunch on a restaurant on the lakefront called Villa de Chef.

Sherard hired the same driver who took them to Tikal to pick us up at 6pm to go to the airport to get catch our Taca airline flight tonight back to Guatemala City. Philip and Alfredo, our mission driver, are making the 8 hour drive back to the capital today. Great thing is, they took all our baggage that would have to be checked on the Taca flight! Whenever you can do something simple traveling like this it's a blessing. The flight leaves at 8 tonight.

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