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Last Day of the Mission: Day 6

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From La Libertad we went out to the last two churches that we are visiting on this mission Zapotal Dos and Juleque. At this point, there are three or four of us, including myself, who are not feeling well. Chest colds for the must part. Lauren has been dealing with it the whole trip. Yesterday I just stayed in the van after the worship service at the first church. It was nice just to doze and let the breeze blow through the windows. For each of the churches on the mission we have presented to the pastor or chief elder the cards we made with the photograph we made after worship at the Cowan Fellowship Church. This has been a very good thing. Ian made the presentation at the Zapotal Dos church today, and Lauren did so at Juleque. Lauren has also given the scripture reading for the children's sermon which Philip has translated into Spanish. Sherard has given each of the sermons.

When we got out of the bus at Juleqque, Tami was greeted by young girls who remembered her from two years ago, and they wanted to resume the circle of "Ring around the Rosie"! Every church has had its own special grace. Ian especially loved the experience at the Juleque congregation, situated at the most northeastern point of our journey.

It has been a wonderful mission with a great team. And we are very tired. Every one of the churches of the partnership has been visited, and this is important to them, for it is one thing to have a middle Tennessee team visit them once: it is quite another to see us honor our commitment to them by showing up again: to see the "norte americanos" honor their promises.

We have eaten more than a little of black beans, rice, and chicken. And, of course, the ubiquitous tortilla - handmade right there in the kitchens of the women of the churches. In our last day, as we lunched in the home of the oldest elder of Juleque, I sensed that for our team, these meals given by people who are giving to us the joy of their hearts is something like a sacrement. Christ with us in the hearts and hands of the women who made the tortillas and the men who are in the fields cutting the cane and the children who are everywhere, shared by trusting parents with us who are eagar to hold them in our embrace, not only on this, day, but in all the days of our life.

Philip gives his greeting to the folks at Cowan, and cherishes the experience of this week in which he has had the joy of renewing an old connection. He wanted me to pass this on. He looks forward to. one of these days, coming to be with us in Cowan. But for all the team, hailing from Nashville, Murfressboro, Cowan, any perhaps a church I have forgotten, we give thanks to God for this vision of the kingdom in the Peten of Guatemala. Thanks be to God.

Sherard preaching, Lauren reading scripture, Phillip translating. . .

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