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Last Minute Scrambling: Day -1

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Several of the team members have been strategizing how to transport craft materials for childran - bells for making tamborines etc. I borrowed 7 «Sing the Faith« songbooks - and also see if we have enough strong voices to put togrther «Soar Away.» I think Ian got lost finding McKendree Manor. I am waitng on him in lobby. 11pm. Lauren worked late and is coming straight from Decherd to airport with Jeremy in morning.. OK. Ian has arived and got him to his lodging. Chuck Higgins and Fred Kirshner are doing duty meeting folks at the airport in the wee hours. Delta crew departs 5:30 or so. United at 6. That is Chuck and me. American about 6:35. That is Ian and Lauren and several others.

We will all have lunch togrther about 1pm in Guatemala City. That is the plan. I am ready to hit the sack now for a short night's sleep.

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