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The Sayaxche Celebration: Day 4

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Each of the partner churches came with their people in rented cattle trucks. There are hundreds of children here. Our crafts and games crew is making bubbles with them. It is a fairly hot day. I take my guitar in the shade and am soon joined by a couple of Mexican guys from Tabasco and a crowd gathers. They have come as part of the entertainment. I don't know Spanish (and I sorely wish I did, because they want to include me on some things I do not understand), but I can tell that they speak it differently than the Guatemalans: they speak it like machine guns.

When the service starts, each visiting church comes forward to speak, sing, and pray. They ampify all this big time with that echo effect you here on Hispanic radio stations.

The church is filled to overflowing. Sally is sitting next to me on the front row and is covered up with childen who want to sit in her lap and have their pictures made - and just hang around for most of the four hours of worship. Ian is working on a story - interviewing a young man who has seen the hard side of life here.

After the service we took advantage of having the representatives from the national church to discuss and celebrate the partnership. It was a very long day, but not as long as for the moderator and secretary who were looking at an all-night drive to get back to the capital for a 7am meeting. I do not envy them driving through that country in the dark!

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