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Sayaxche in the morning: Day 2

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We are sitting on the patio this morning watching ferries crossing the Rio Passion. Lauren, Ian and I are enjoying the morning with a few others. One of our team members, Fred, had given away his ticket to help one of our team members, Sandra with her situation. she was getting over a cold on our departure date. So Fred and Sandra were scheduled to arrive today. Lo and behold, we see a unit of the Guatemalan army come out of a truck on the opposite (north) shore and deploy into a defensive formation of khakied soldiers before they move onto one of the ferries. As the ferry slides across the river, who do we see on the ferry but Fred jumping up and down waving to us. So now we have our full team. Joyful meeting.

School in Sayaxche built by Hillsboro Presbyterian Church in Nashville

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