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Two Churches in a Day: Sayaxche: Day 3

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Sayaxche is a ferry town and a central location for the churches of the Qetchi presbytery. We are now in the flat country that has largely been cleared of the original rain forest. After breakfast at the hotel we rode out to the church at San Juan Acul. Here we met the people, worshiped, as always, had activities for the kids, a meeting with the session, and a "snack". We had enough time here that we took a walking tour of the community. After this we drove out to the Valle Nueve church and community where we had lunch and followed the same format as at the morning church. The dry weather made it possible for us to go right to the village instead of slogging it out on a muddy rutted road for 30 minutes.

Fred and Chuck recalled one such ill-advised trek when they ran out of water - and physical reserves. The trip to the village had to be abandoned. They remembered gladly accepting local water that somebody was carrying in an old antifreeze container before turning back to the vehicle. Hence they christened this road, when it must be walked, the "Peten Death March"

Old Abandoned Water Project at San Juan Acul

School Kids and Marti Gras in Sayaxche

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