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Coban to Xexan:Day 1

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Today we traveled from Coban north to the Xexan church. The country became quite green and more lush up here. Took two hours plus to get there. Tall limestone hills and bluffs and lovely streams. Cornfields all over the place. It was a forty five minute hike over a rutted path to the village and kind of hot, but the people met us there with hugs, smiles and prayers. Beautiful experience!

On the walk there was a grapevine that one of the village fellas used to demonstrate his swinging skills. I couldn't resist, even though I heard rumblings of "how do you get out of here with a broken ankle?" Ian followed as well as Warner Durnell -our presbytery exec- and others: Sherard, Paula, . . . good bonding experience! Well, it took a while for Warner to bond - the vine slipped through his hands on the first try.

We presented the card and photo from church with Philip Beisswenger explaining in Spanish. They fed us a lunch of chicken, soup, tortillas they made and later sweet tamales fresh picked bananas, plantains and sugarcane. The banana trees grow in the corn. But none of this is really their land. Got in after dark to Sayaxche. Very tired after blessed day.

At the Coban Hotel


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