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Shots and stuff: Day -3

Check out -> A New Temple Dedicated in Sayaxche by Phillip Beisswenger!

Check out -> Tullahoma News articles by Ian Skotte!

Ian and Lauren are getting the hepatitis and typhoid shots in Nashville today. I'm scheduled for Chattanooga Friday morning for mine. Start the anti-malarial antibiotic tomorrow. Doug Thomas at 1st United Methodist Church in Tullahoma called me yesterday to say that he had heard of our trip - and that they had one of their teams leaving on Saturday, same as us. They are leaving a little later in the morning from Nashville. That should be an interesting angle for Ian since Ian is a reporter for the Tullahoma News and is planning on doing a feature for the trip. Forecast high temp for Guatemala City today is 79F. Flores up north is 88F. Partly cloudy.

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