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diary of mission trip to Guatemala in Feb 2013

Getting home - maybe: Day 8

The hotel we stayed in was pretty bad. Those of us on the ground floor were entertained in the early hours of the morning by a shouting match between two rival gangs. This is one of those places where you probably do not want to use the bed except to wrap yourself in your own sheet. I was pretty sick all night, so there wasn't much sleep anyway.

Flores and Tikal: Day 7

Last Day of the Mission: Day 6

Ferrying across the Rio Passion: Day 5

Most of our team took fare on one of the long ferry boats about as wide as a john boat and maybe 30 feet long- just for fun. I was one of the lazy bones who stayed in the van as it was carried on the larger "official" ferry that runs all night. Then north to the town of La Libertad on a pretty good straight road through flat country. All this Peten region is beautiful and green.

The Sayaxche Celebration: Day 4

A New Church in Sayaxche: Day 4

This was a huge day. The centerpiece of the day was the dedication of a new church - yet to be named. All the churches of the presbytery came to this day-long celebration. It culminated in a four hour worship. But the day began with an executive meeting of the partnership churches. The big item on the agenda was the renewal of the partnership covenant between the presbyteries of the Qetchi-Peten and Middle Tennessee. We on the team had the option of attending with our leaders if we wished. I went. Some elected to find an internet cafe in town.

Two Churches in a Day: Sayaxche: Day 3

Sayaxche in the morning: Day 2

Coban to Xexan:Day 1

Today we traveled from Coban north to the Xexan church. The country became quite green and more lush up here. Took two hours plus to get there. Tall limestone hills and bluffs and lovely streams. Cornfields all over the place. It was a forty five minute hike over a rutted path to the village and kind of hot, but the people met us there with hugs, smiles and prayers. Beautiful experience!

What a Day!: Day 0

Last Minute Scrambling: Day -1

Several of the team members have been strategizing how to transport craft materials for childran - bells for making tamborines etc. I borrowed 7 «Sing the Faith« songbooks - and also see if we have enough strong voices to put togrther «Soar Away.» I think Ian got lost finding McKendree Manor. I am waitng on him in lobby. 11pm. Lauren worked late and is coming straight from Decherd to airport with Jeremy in morning.. OK. Ian has arived and got him to his lodging. Chuck Higgins and Fred Kirshner are doing duty meeting folks at the airport in the wee hours. Delta crew departs 5:30 or so.

Airport Flight Leaders: Day -2

We've got airport team leaders for each of the three flights out of Nashville Saturday!
Here is the posting from Chuck Higgins I got this morning (Thursday):
· Tara Lentz has had to cancel
· Kathy, Sherard and Fred are travelling separately
· First flight out is Delta at 5:25 – Sandra is the experienced GUA traveler/leader
· Second flight out is United at 6:00 – Chuck is the experienced GUA traveler/leader

Shots and stuff: Day -3

Ian and Lauren are getting the hepatitis and typhoid shots in Nashville today. I'm scheduled for Chattanooga Friday morning for mine. Start the anti-malarial antibiotic tomorrow. Doug Thomas at 1st United Methodist Church in Tullahoma called me yesterday to say that he had heard of our trip - and that they had one of their teams leaving on Saturday, same as us. They are leaving a little later in the morning from Nashville. That should be an interesting angle for Ian since Ian is a reporter for the Tullahoma News and is planning on doing a feature for the trip.

Welcome to the Guatemala Diary

Hi. This is Andy Gay, and in four days Lauren, Ian and I wll be flying out with the rest of the team to Guatemala! The cool thing is - my kindle 3G access is as good in the hinterlands of Guatemala as it is here! So they say. In fact, I punched this in on my Kindle just to see if it worked. So stay tuned here for daily updates on our journey, and may the blessings of God be with you on yours. Peace. Andy

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