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Let's Get Dirty! Garden Planting Tuesday 6pm

We're ready to plant our garden!  The garden team will be meeting Tuesday, May 5 at 6pm, but we invite anybody who would like to join us for the big planting.  If you have one, you might want to bring your garden hoe or rake.  We will have all the seeds and plants ready to put in the ground.  It looks like some of these will be donated.

A fair amount of work has already gone into getting the ground worked up.  Thanks to Bryan Elkins for arranging to have a tractor crew do the initial tilling, as well as moving the table and chairs.  I picked up a cubic yard of compost in Manchester and James (across the highway) and I applied it last week.  Bryan and I roto-tilled it yesterday to get it primed, and it's ready to go.  Thanks to William Caperton for having the Troy-built tiller tuned up.  The garden space looks especially pretty with the stone table and chairs moved from the parking lot side of the church (by that noisy air conditioner) over to our prayer garden in-the-making.  As we reported last week, we have three lovely planters with flowers around the table and chairs under the dogwood tree that were planted by some of the kids of our Simple Gifts gathering.  We may use more planters for produce that do especially well in container environments.  The table is especially popular right now with the family of robins training their nestlings to fly, so if you want to check out sitting at the table, you might need to give it a good wash up first!

All of the vegetable garden at this point is dedicated to our community for people to come and freely harvest as things come in.  Now that we have done this with the turnip green patch, people in the community have a good idea of what this whole thing is about, and they are very grateful.

O God of grace, bless this garden.  May it be a place of peace and nourishment for body and soul.




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