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Adult Sunday School Evangelism Study

This winter our Adult Sunday School is delving into what it means to be an evangelical church in this mission where God has placed us.  Andy Gay is teaching this series which is he correlating with most of the preaching of January and February.  You are invited to come and join us.  We are exploring:

  • What is the core gospel of Jesus Christ that is a matter of life and death to us?
  • The different kinds of spiritual "styles", or traditions, that comprise the Christian Church, such as:
    • the style that is centered in a strong understanding of doctrine, down to earth imagery, good writing, and a sense of order;
    • the style that centers itself in the heart-felt relationsship with God, but also connects in down to earth ways of understanding ourselves and Jesus Christ;
    • the style that sees God as "beyond words", and cherishes mystery, and things like centering prayer, solitude, and times of silence;
    • the style that sees God as "beyond words", and also in our active commitment to the principles of love and justice, putting our lives on the line in Christ, even to the point of martyrdom.
  • Looking at our spiritual styles in relationship to the whole congregation, and see how we compare with others in the Fellowship Church;
  • Surveying changes in the church and Christian faith in the 21st Century, with particular focus on who is represented around the table in the congregation, and a look at the "millenial" generation;
  • Further explorations into the "millenial" generation, the most populous generation in the United States at this time, and what that generation's values bode for the future of the institutional church and, in particular, the Fellowship Church;
  • A look at the diverse demographics of Cowan and the surrounding areas where our people live;
  • How do we define our "parish" at the Cowan Fellowship Church?
  • What is God calling us to do with the gifts we have been given?


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