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New Craig Brock Foundation Food Pantry Opening

We are pleased to announce that the Craig Brock Foundation, located on Cumberland Ave-

nue, is opening a food pantry.  You may be familiar with the Foundation and the services it provides for people who are having to travel to receive medical treatment for cancer.  The Foundation is home to a retail operation that serves to support the mission of the foundation. 

For some time the Brock family has been aware of the needs of people in Cowan who have trouble buying food for the table, and who do not have transportation to drive into Winchester to places like the Good Samaritan Center in Decherd, or the Salvation Army in Winchester.  The Cowan Ministerial Association has also been aware of this problem, and has started providing more aid locally.  Some of our churches have opened food pantries of their own to meet this need.  But the need is great, and one or two food pantries will not be able to address the problems of long term hunger.  So, beginning with the soup offering October 20, the Cowan Fellowship Church will be redirecting its food aid to the Craig Brock Foundation's pantry, as well, possibly, other local outlets.  Our soup offering will help the Brock's stock the shelves in their operation.

In next weekend's 30 Hour Famine, one of the possible Saturday outings will be for the youth to gather food for the pantry, either by shopping, or seeking donations of food items.

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