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Safe Sanctuary Policy

Our safe sanctuary team has worked diligently over the past year to come up with a policy to help us insure that the children who are a part of our church's ministry are always in a safe and secure environment.  In February our Governing Council made their final review and granted their approval of the team's work.  You may click here to view and/or download the various parts of the policy.

Holy Week Activities in Cowan

Maundy Thursday Here March 24 6pm.

Winter Bible Study Coming Soon: "An Odd Couple, Jonah and Ruth"

I am delighted to announce an upcoming Thursday night community

What Do We Really Know about Life after Death?

You've probably been asked this at one time or another. You've most likely thought about it yourself. So what do we really know? How can we know? In a sense, the language we use to express our knowing depends on who's asking the question. A scientist may talk about brain waves and heart beats. It will all be about looking at things that can be measured and tested. On the other hand, some people are attracted to paranormal things like out-of-body experiences, ghosts, communicating with the dead, and such.

Pot Luck Dinner after Church November 8

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Cowan Annual Brush Arbor Meetin'

This article is reprinted from the visitcowan.com website:










Fall Heritage Festival II

Last year, when Franklin County dropped the Polly Crocket Festival, held here in Cowan, from its lineup of annual events, a lot of people were disappointed.  But the leadership of Cowan picked up the ball and created, to replace the Polly Crocket Festival, what was dubbed the "Fall Heritage Festival".  We all owe a debt of gratitude to the promoters of Cowan and leaders across the community, because the inaugeral Fall Heritage Festival of 2014 was nothing short of astounding.  Musical performances on three

Seasonal Offering for Haven of Hope and Blue Monarch Ministry

We are blessed to have not one, but two great ministries to women and families in need in our area.  The Haven of Hope provides shelter to abused women and their families, and the Blue Monarch does this, as well as a course of life-improvement services to help women get back on their feet.  On Sunday, August 30, we will be showing a video from Blue Monarch that features some of the women who are, or have been, residents.  Anne Lorenz, the mission coordinator, will speak to the goals of the offering.

5th Sunday Singing Today

Our last 5th Sunday singing, which we held at the Cowan First Baptist Church, had a great turnout from the community.  Today is a 5th Sunday, and the singing will be at the Goshen Cumberland Presbyrterian Church.  It starts at 5.  Come and enjoy the music, and if you like, sing a song yourself.


Sewanee Summer Music Festival Concert in Cowan; Wednesday, July 1st, 7:00 p.m. in Cowan

Again Cowan is blessed to have the Sewanee Music Festival come down the mountain for a perfomance right here in town.  It will happen at the Cowan Center for the Arts.

Cowan Library Re-opening Tuesday June 30

This coming Tuesday we will be celebrating the Grand Re-opening of the Cowan Branch Library in its new location in the Cowan Center for the Arts.  The celebration is at 9am.

Covered-dish Dinner on Father's Day, June 21

We'll be eating right after worship on Sunday, June 21.  Bring a dish of your choice and let us enjoy breaking bread together over a yummy summertime meal.

Turnip Greens Comin' In!

The rain and the sunshine have made our turnip greens flourish.  We've been thinning them out some to give the plants room to expand and make turnips.  We opened the garden to the public this week for people to come and help themselves.


Welcome to Barb Hall and Kathy Corlew!



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