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Worldwide Candle Lighting This Sunday

From Sherry Brock and the Craig Brock Foundation

Big Year of Mission Giving

I don't know what to judge it by, but, 2012 has undoubtedly been a big year of mission giving.  Hear are some of the stats:


$1,052 One Great Hour of Sharing

Guatemala Mission Team Meets in Nashville

Saturday, November 10 we had our first meeting of the mission team for participants and prospective participants in the February Guatemalan mission trip.  Andy Gay, Joseph Kinard and Virginia Kraft were a part of the meeting at the presbytery office.  Fred Kirshner a veteran of the Gua

Cowan Community Thanksgiving Service Next Sunday at 7pm

We have a good old tradition of churches coming together here in Cowan for a celebration of Thanksgiving.  We are pleased to announce that we will worship this year at the New Hope Church of God in Christ.  The Reverend Joshua Haun of the Cowan Church of the Nazarene will be our preacher.  The New Hope church has been the scene

Homecoming is More Than a Family Reunion

Undoubtedly a big part of a church homecoming is the reunion of families and friends from

"What Do We Believe About Innocent Suffering?" Series for January

A friend of mine recently loaned me Tom G.

Cyberattack on Callcentric Knocks Out Ability to Make Autocalls for this Weekend

You may have wondered why you didn't receive an automated call to remind you of the the church work day yesterday and today's rice offering. This is what happened: the system we use to make calls utilizes a telephone call feature much like Skype, which uses the internet to make phone calls. The system we use is Callcentric because it has the ability to work with our auto call software.

Presbyterian Student Ministry at Sewanee

The Presbyterian Campus Ministry continues this fall.  Students meet at the home of Jane and Sherwood Ebey every Sunday at 5pm for worship, with a meal following.  This ministry, which was begun by

Montgomery Cemetery Memorial and Candlelight

Do yourself a favor.  If you have never been to the Montgomery Cemetery for the annual Candlelight Memorial, give yourself a treat. 

5th Sunday Singing at Goshen Cumberland Presbyterian Church 7pm Sept. 30

The Goshen church is one of the oldest churches in Franklin County, and part of the history of the Fellowship Church.  We are glad that the folks at Goshen have been active participants in the life of the Cowan Ministerial Association, and are happy to announce that they will be hosting this month's 5th Sunday Singing.  These singings are a regular activity of the Cowan Ministerial Association. 

Debbie Skotte Begins New Class for Young Children

A new feature to our Sunday morning teaching ministry is Debbie Skotte's class for young children, grades K through 2.  She is using the "Snip and Tell" curriculum from Group Publishing.  The class meets Sunday mornings at 10.

Joseph Kinard Teaching "What is Faith?"

We are delighted to have Joseph Kinard on board to teach our adult Sunday School class this fall.  You are invited to join this class that will be using the "Present Word" curriculm as the basis for the sessions, focusing on various faith issues of the early church leaders as depicted in the biblical books of Act

Thursday Night "That You May Believe" Study Packed

The room was packed with close to 30 people around the table for the kick off to this year's Thursday Night Bible Study taught by Dr.

"Steppin' Over the 'Many Such Things'"

This is an audio podcast of the Sunday morning sermon, rerecorded, preached by Andy Gay September 2, 2012


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