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Safe Sanctuary Policy 2016

You may view the components of the Cowan Fellowship Safe Sanctuaries Policy that was adopted by the Governing Council in February 2016 by clicking on the download links below.  If you want to download a copy for yourself, simply save a copy of the PDF document you are viewing.

Safe Sanctuary Policy

Our safe sanctuary team has worked diligently over the past year to come up with a policy to help us insure that the children who are a part of our church's ministry are always in a safe and secure environment.  In February our Governing Council made their final review and granted their approval of the team's work.  You may click here to view and/or download the various parts of the policy.

Fitting the Pastor to the Mission

We have a thing called a Pastor Parish Relations Committee.  This is a standing committee in United Methodist churches that functions to deal with matters concerning the relationship of pastor and staff with congregations, what in United Methodist parlance are called "charges".  Bishops and District Superintendents depend on these committees to monitor the health of the relationship between appointed ministers and the congregations they are serving.  In a healthy congregation this group serves as a forum for

Minutes of Governing Council Meeting, 7 p.m. September 19, 2011

Minutes of Governing Council Meeting, 7 p.m. September 19, 2011  

Present:  Raymond and Becky Council; Troy and Stephanie Council, Sherwood and Jane Ebey, Dot Davidson, Charlie Smith, Phoebe Cross, Anne Lorenz,  Pastor Andy Gay.


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