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$1,168 Collected for One Great Hour of Sharing

In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday we collected money in our little cardboard fish money banks to present as part of our Easter offering to God.  Our fish banks are reminiscent of the times that Jesus told his disciples to feed the thousands of people who had followed him into the back country.  They only had a couple of fish and five loaves of bread, but by the power of God and the blessing of Jesus, it was enough.  Sharing is a blessing to the giver and the receiver.  Out of compassion God creates surplus.  That is the spirit of the One Great Hour of Sharing.

The One Great Hour of Sharing offering for many years has been a part of our church giving, not only in United Methodist and Presbyterian (PCUSA) churches, but in many other churches as well.  With us, the money is divided between the United Methodist and Presbyterian Mission agencies.  In both cases, the mission focuses on being there for people around the world who are caught up in diasterous situations, be it from weather, earthquake, or stresses caused by poverty and regional strife.  For the United Mission mission the focus is the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  For Presbyterians it is the Self Development of People program and the Disaster Assistence network. 

We thank God for the joy of giving, and pray, with the spirit of Jesus, for the blessing of those who receive.

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