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Christmas Gifts Album


featuring all the people who so graciously offered their gifts of song and story, art and inspiration for the joy of all gathered at the Cowan Fellowship Church on the night of Sunday, December 11 in the second Sunday of Advent.

All the tracks can be played or downloaded.

  1. "Morning Star"   Andy Gay
  2. Readings from Isaiah  Sherwood Ebey
  3. "On Donkeys"  Bob Kunkle
  4. "Christmas in the Trenches" Charles Smith
  5. "Little Christmas Tree"  MaryAnn Gay
  6. "Eatin' on the Word"  Caroline McGee
  7. "Taking Up Painting"  Ian Skotte
  8. Poetry Reading  Marcia Kunkle
  9.   "Lady Christmas"  Katlyn Council (written by Andy Gay)
  10. "Whatever Happened to Christ in Christmas?"  Caroline McGee
  11. "Breath of Heaven"  Stephanie Council
  12. "Wexford Carol"  Charles Smith
  13. "Thanksgiving Eve" Bran Potter
  14. "Calling Me"  Caroline McGee

Charles Money is producing a movie on DVD putting images of the season and photos of "Christmas Gifts 2011" along with the music and performances of the evening.

All tracks mixed, produced, and published by Andy Gay.






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