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Lake Cheston Amble Sunday November 13

Ready for a nice easy amble?  Next Sunday (November 13) we'll leave the church at 2pm to go up the mountain to Lake Cheston in Sewanee.  Now that we're on the new time, the afternoon hours are pretty short - but then again, if the weather cooperates, we'll have that late low sun that's so nice for color. 

The lake can be especially beautiful with the colors of the fallen leaves floating and submersed in the water.  Or the effects of lake reflections of the sky and woodlands upon the water.  So bring your camera and experiment with angles and light settings, or just enjoy an easy walk around a beautiful spot in God's creation.

On the subject of other walks, we have had some conversations around trips to the Huntsville Botantical Garden and the Walnut Street Bridge area of downtown Chattanooga and Northside community.  We'll get around to those places eventually, but with the upcoming holiday schedule and short days, we may need to wait until the calendar clears.  Stay tuned.

Contact Andy Gay if you have more questions about the Lake Cheston outing.


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