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30 Hour Famine Weekend Set for September 26 and 27

Our leadership team has set the date for the weekend for this year's World Vision 30 Hour Famine.  We picked the weekend of September 26-27 (Friday night and all day Saturday).  The Franklin County High Football team will be playing away in Marshall County that Friday, so we've stayed clear of home games!  Youth 12 years and up will stay over at the church Friday night, fasting as a way of being in touch and in prayer for hungry children around the world.  There will be lots of activities at the church Friday night, and Saturday will be a day of work missions of one kind or another in or around Cowan.  Prior to the event, youth will be collecting money for an offering to the World Vision 30 Hour Famine mission - one of our church's designated missions for this year.  The monies we collected last year for the famine weekend, which, as it turned out, we were not able to have, will be added to this year's fundraising.  

We welcome youth from other churches in Cowan who would like to be a part of the mission, and will be getting word out to the other churches.  With all the activites planned for our youth, our adult leadership team will be calling on many people in the church to help out in the activities and logistics and providing fruit drinks and other supplies, as well as leadership.  You'll be hearing more about the mission, the activies, and work-mission plans for Saturday.  The weekend concludes Saturday night with a feast to break the fast!

We are delighted to have Randa Brown, a 30 Hour Famine veteran and dedicated youth worker, to be our consultant and lead us in planning this year's mission.



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